Readly's CEO and management team is responsible for daily operations and business development.

  • Mats Brandt

    Born: 1964
    Employed since: January 2022
    Experience and previous positions: Mats has a broad experience from executive leadership positions across several different industries and markets. He was previously CEO at Euroflorist - an e-commerce company with operations in 12 European countries and CEO at Hemnet - Sweden’s leading property platform. Before that he held several executive roles for Live Nation Entertainment and Ticketmaster in Sweden and in Asia. He has also had several executive roles for start-up companies within e-commerce and mobile marketing and served as Board Member at Dirac Research - an industry leader within audio technology.
    Education: Stockholm School of Economics, IMD
    Holdings in the company: 10,000 shares and 150,000 warrants
    Mats Brandt
  • Johan Adalberth

    Chief Financial Officer
    Born: 1979
    Employed since: September 2019
    Current assignments: Owner and board member in Ceqada AB.
    Experience and previous positions: Johan brings finance experience from tech companies like Klarna and Kry. Johan also worked several years at Attendo where he played a big part in the successful stock exchange listing in 2015. Before that he worked as an auditor.
    Education: Master of Business administration, Uppsala University, Mechanical Engineering, Lund University.
    Holdings in the company: Owns 9,500 shares and 100,000 warrants.
    Johan Adalberth
  • Ranj Begley

    Chief Content Officer
    Born: 1972
    Employed since: January 2014
    Current assignments: -
    Experience and previous positions: Ranj set-up and grew Readly in the UK to its current position. Prior to Readly, Ranj held a number of senior management positions in publishing and fulfilment companies such as Dovetail, Highbury House, CDS Global and United Business Media Plc.
    Education: Heston School & College Business Administration.
    Holdings in the company: Owns 6,100 shares and 71,500 warrants.
    Ranj Begley
  • Frida Svensson

    Chief People Officer
    Born: 1983
    Employed since: August 2020
    Current assignments: Advisor to LucyTech.
    Experience and previous positions: Frida Svensson has ten years of experience from different HR roles in growth companies. She was HR manager at Betsson and Head of HR at LeoVegas. Before joining Readly, she was HR Director and Senior HR Advisor at Goodbye Kansas as part of the management team and responsible for the global HR strategy.
    Education: Frida Svensson holds a bachelor's degree within Human Resource Management from Stockholm University.
    Holdings in the company: Owns 1,000 shares and 70,000 warrants in the Company.
    Frida Svensson
  • Marie-Sophie von Bibra

    Chief Marketing Officer
    Born: 1991
    Employed since: April 2016
    Current assignments: Member of the Board Swedish Chamber of Commerce Germany & Member of Advisory Board Levy Health.
    Experience and previous positions: Marie-Sophie has been part of the Readly journey for 6 years and developed the German market into the largest and fastest-growing core market. Her experience ranges from ecommerce and sales in a fast-paced fashion start-up, to all disciplines of digital marketing and brand building at her own marketing agency, as well as partnerships, expansion, customer success and subscriber growth during various marketing roles at Readly.
    Education: Business Studies with focus on Marketing at Bayes Business School, City University, London.
    Holdings in the company: Owns 16,750 shares and 48,000 warrants.
    Marie-Sophie von Bibra
  • Tomas Montan

    Chief Product Officer
    Born: 1979
    Employed since: May 2021
    Experience and previous positions: Montan has an impressive track record of leading product innovation and initiatives that drive customer growth. Most recently Montan was Chief Product Officer of Adlibris, overseeing technology roadmap, product strategy and user experience. Prior to joining Adlibris, he was Chief Product Officer at MTG, creating a cutting edge user experience, including product strategy, product management, client development and product design. During his leadership, he and his team successfully scaled Viaplay’s paid streaming subscription product from a few thousand users to millions of paying users.
    Education: Lund University; Master of Science. Major: Informatics
Master of science, specialisation systems analysis. Major: Informatics
. Master year specialisation was in interaction design.
    Holdings in the company: Owns no shares and 57,000 warrants.
    Tomas Montan
  • Matti Zemack

    Chief Technology Officer
    Born: 1973
    Employed since: January 2023
    Experience and previous positions: Matti has a background within investment and product development. Before joining Readly he held the role as Investment Director at Industrifonden, Sweden’s Venture Capital Fund, focusing on investments in Deep Tech and transformative innovation. Matti has also worked for Bonnier Ventures as investing Chief Technology Officer, and has been the CTO for Bonnier Group. In his roles, he has held several board assignments. Matti has broad tech engineering and product knowledge and has worked with many transformative products from start to scale up phases. His specialism in recent years has been in subscription services for streaming companies such as Viaplay and CMore. He brings much expertise within subscription services for video, machine learning algorithms and tech within school and education.
    Education: Engineering Physics, Master of Science Media Technology, Royal Institute of Technology Stockholm.
    Holdings in the company: Owns no shares and 35 000 warrants.
    Matti Zemack

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