The whistleblower function is accessible to both Readly employees and external stakeholders observing misconduct or breeches against laws and regulations. Its purpose is to facilitate reporting of illegal, unethical, or inappropriate conduct relating to our operations, while safeguarding the whistleblower.

What can be reported?
Reporters are expected to believe that the information disclosed is true and relevant to Readly’s operations. Misconduct refers to any form of violations, whether deliberate or due to negligence. It can also encompass violations that have not yet occurred but are highly likely to happen. The misconduct does not need to be current or ongoing.

Who can report?
Protection extends not only to our employees but also to any individuals interacting with our organization, such as job seekers, interns, suppliers, or consultants.

How to report
Reporting is done through a secure channel for anonymous reporting via an external provider, &Frankly, where the whistleblower can remain anonymous. The tool creates a case with an automatic response to the reporter.

Link to the whistleblower tool:

About &Frankly Whistleblower system
&Frankly provides a third-party service for whistleblowing, ensuring the whistleblower's anonymity in communication with the employer. The service is entirely separate from the employer's IT systems and web services. The service does not save IP addresses or any data linked to the whistleblower. Therefore, an anonymous whistleblower cannot be traced. All reports are encrypted and can only be decrypted by designated individuals. &Frankly cannot decrypt or read reports.