Nomination Committee

The Nomination Committee representes Readly's shareholders and submits proposals for board members and renumerations.

The Nomination Committee has the assignment of submitting proposals for the chairman and other board members. It is also responsible for proposing fees and other remuneration to the board members, election and remuneration of the auditor, and to evaluate the board's work. The Nomination Committee’s proposals are presented in the notice to attend the annual general meeting. Readly's Nomination Committee shall consist of four members, three of whom shall be representatives of the three largest shareholders and the fourth shall be the chairman of the board.

The nomination committee for Readly International AB  for the extra general meeting on 17 January 2020 comprises of Jesper Nilsson, appointed by Cleantech Europe II Luxembourg, (“Zouk”), Mathias Berggren, appointed by Joel Wikell, and Marianne Flink, appointed by Swedbank Robur and the chairman of the board Nathan Medlock. The nomination committee elected Jesper Nilsson as its chairman. The four members of the nomination committee (except Nathan Medlock who has been appointed in his capacity of chairman of the board) have been appointed by shareholders that as of the end of September 2019 jointly represent 50,54% percent of the total votes in the company.

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