Half of Brits opt out of turkey this Christmas: sustainable food, relaxation and gifts with purpose on the menu this year

Kimberly Wyatt’s tips for a sustainable & stress-less Christmas

Despite the announcement of restrictions lifting over the festive period, over a third of us have decided to say goodbye to an indulgent Christmas and opt for a low-key, at home celebration, with relaxation, reading, family favourite foods and sustainable gifts top priority.

One in four people are looking forward to not travelling anywhere for Christmas this year, with one in five planning a virtual gathering and a third of us avoiding the pre- Christmas crowds altogether by doing all their shopping online.

The research of over 2,000 UK adults by digital magazine subscription app Readly reveals that after a challenging year, almost half of us (45%) are grateful for the simple things in life and being able to relax at home. We will relax by watching the television (68%), going for local walks (39%), reading magazines (34%) as well as playing games ( 31%). And one in four are grateful for not having to attend awkward Christmas parties!

More conscious choices

Many people are re-evaluating their decisions this year and opting for a more sustainable approach to Christmas. One in ten Brits intends to use homemade wrapping paper and 13% plan on making presents to give such as decorations or chutney.  And when it comes to fashion, almost one in five are grateful for not having the stress of buying a new outfit for the festive season. 

It’s not just gifting, decoration and fashion where we are making more conscious choices, it’s cooking too. When it comes to food, only half of us (47%) will serve up the traditional turkey with all the trimmings, whereas almost one in ten (8%) will opt for a nut roast vegan dish.

Kimberly Wyatt, Celebrity Masterchef Winner and Pussycat Doll, said:

“Living a sustainable life is really important to my family and our Christmas. We will be eating locally sourced fruit and vegetables and giving gifts that I know will be used. I hate waste, so I will use every bit of what I cook and serve up leftovers as comforting dishes with light fresh flavours such as rhubarb and blackberry. There’ll be lots of healthy yet yummy treats thrown in the mix too! I’m always on the lookout for inspiration and saving off recipes from digital magazines - lunch will be a culmination of all the best things I’ve discovered and bookmarked in Readly this year.”

Say goodbye to ‘closet clutter’

A third of us will give more meaningful gifts this year to inspire or support a hobby. During 2020 reading trends and habits have seen a huge spike in the crafts and DIY magazines on the Readly platform, with the majority of Brits searching for activities to entertain and keep busy, a trend that is set to continue into 2021.

Top list of gifts this year:

1) Hobby inspiring gift (33%)

2) Technology or digital subscriptions (29%)

3) Food (26%)

4) Preloved gifts (16%)

5) Home-made items (13%) 

Ranj Begley, UK Managing Director and Chief Content Officer at Readly said: “We’re seeing more varied food and gift searches on our platform as people break away from the stock-list of traditional go-to recipes and gifts. Our portfolio of digital magazines are a hugely popular source of inspiration when looking for innovative recipe ideas and last minute gifts this Christmas.” 

Kimberly Wyatt’s tips for a sustainable & stress-less Christmas: 

  • Cook the lunch you know the family will love  - Whilst turkey is tradition, don’t be afraid to go off piste if it’s what you know your family will enjoy. Whether it’s duck, chicken, meat balls or salmon skewers, anything goes this Christmas. Just be confident, there’ll be less wastage and happier faces all round! 

  • Make use of browning or half eaten fruit & cut wastage: Whilst we’re all at home more, there’s no doubt the occasional browning banana or half eaten apple lurking - make use of fruit and veg on the turn by whizzing up healthy, simple, yet yummy snacks. Try apple & cinnamon flapjacks or banana & maple syrup pancakes - win, win. Check out the thousands of recipes available on Readly.

  • Dance & sing your heart out: Be silly and let go. Put on your favourite tunes, dance, sing and laugh out loud with the family whether it’s doing a family dance off, telling a joke or playing charades. Let go of your inhibitions!

  • Set time aside to sit still and relax: Relaxation is important at Christmas time, especially after the ups and down of the last year. Set time aside for yourself, to relax & reset; read magazines, watch TV, play games - downtime is key at this time of year and helps provide clarity and inspiration for the year ahead.
  • Choose gifts you know will be used: There’s no room for clutter this year. Choose a gift that inspires and will be used regularly like a Gift Card to Readly digital magazine subscription app, a plant or tickets to a virtual cooking event. 
  • Revive an old outfit: Sew a bright bobble onto an old jumper or a few statement sequins onto a top to give it a refresh. Make that outfit work that little bit harder and reduce your fashion footprint too. 
  • Opt for eco friendly, guilt-free wrapping: Use an old blouse, shirt, scarf or even babies old muslin to wrap and tie Christmas presents. Very pretty and feels good too.                                            

A Giftcard to Readly digital magazine app makes the perfect gift this Christmas. With 5,000 magazines and newspapers on the platform, it can inspire a hobby or passion, entertain us and keep us informed.

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About these findings: The survey commissioned by Readly was conducted by Opinion Matters polling 2000 UK adults during December 2020.