Staycation: Motorhome, Camping and Cornwall are amongst the most popular keyword searches for Brits planning their summer holidays this year

This year the summer holidays will continue to be affected by the coronavirus pandemic - so what are Brits planning to do with their summer holidays? Digital magazine app Readly has analysed the top searched words on its platform for the month of June and has uncovered the most popular holiday statistics - centered around outdoor activities and British counties Cornwall, Yorkshire and Devon.

More than six in ten Brits (64%) are accustomed to taking an annual foreign holiday, but this summer the holiday plans are set to be very different.

With magazines providing travel inspiration and help with holiday planning, Readly has examined the thousands of staycation related searches which took place on its platform of over 5,000 magazines during June 2020. The list is topped by classic British outdoor related activities including cycling, golf, motorhome and camping. The statistics also show that Cornwall, Yorkshire, Devon, Norfolk, Scotland and Dorset feature in the most searched for keywords, and could potentially expect quite a few British tourists this year. 

Top 15 staycation related keyword searches on Readly, June 2020: 

1. Cycling

 2. Golf

3. Motorhome / Caravan

4. Boat

5. Coast

6. Camping

7. BBQ

8. Outdoors

9. Cornwall

10. Yorkshire

12. Kayaking

12. Devon

13. Norfolk

14. Scotland

15. Dorset

Ranj Begley, UK Managing Director and Chief Content Officer at Readly, said: “After the uncertain advice around travel and holidays abroad over the past few months, it is no wonder that most people have planned their holiday differently this year, and this is certainly noticeable in the results for searches on Readly’s platform of over 5,000 digital magazines. 

“Magazines are a popular route for planning holidays – offering a wealth of travel, activities  and destination inspiration and advice – with the keyword searches offering insight into the current mood of the nation. During the majority of the year popular European destinations are usually trending in searches, but in the last month they have notably reduced. Brits are instead looking for more local inspiration through articles relating to outdoors activities and British tourist destinations.”  


About these findings:The top searched staycation related keywords on Readly by UK based readers were from 24th May – 23rd June 2020.