Renowned music journalist Fredrik Strage curates an exclusive issue of iconic Swedish music magazine Sonic on the Readly app

The European category leader within digital magazine subscriptions,  ( (, today announces an exclusive relaunch of the iconic Swedish music magazine  ( ( The exclusive issue of Sonic is a continuation of the Readly Retros content series, where the digital app republishes qualitative journalistic content for its readers.

The exclusive issue is curated by one of Sweden's most well-known music journalists and authors, Fredrik Strage. Strage has selected some of his favourite articles from the magazine’s catalogue, spanning almost two decades. Sonic was published between the 2000 and 2017 and Fredrik Strage was a contributing writer for the magazine since the very first issue in 2000.

Sonic is a life´s work and an era in music journalism that we´re very proud of, closing the magazine some years ago was therefore very tough. We have a very loyal audience and still receive inquiries from readers about specific articles or issues that they want to read. I´m therefore excited about our new partnership with Readly and I know that this is longed for by many of our readers. If we can get an additional income stream from republishing our much-loved content digitally, that is a real bonus but most of all we just want it to live on, says Pierre Hellqvist, former Editor-in-Chief of Sonic.

Readly Retros is an initiative to republish nostalgic content and make sure important journalism becomes digitized. Readly's ambition is to ensure that specific content continues to be available to readers as well as creating revenue streams for publishers from new and back issues.

Sonic is an important time capsule for Swedish music journalism and an obvious candidate for Readly Retros. Within the framework of Retros, we can republish valued, well-written journalism and we welcome more publishers to republish their older content digitally with us, says Daniel Hamrin, Nordic Content Lead at Readly.

The top 10 most read music titles by Swedish readers
2. Rock’n’roll Magazine

3. Sweden Rock Magazine
4. Fozzie
5. Rolling Stone
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10. MOJO

The music category has received a boost of readership recently, making the launch of Sonic perfect timing. I am sure many of our readers will appreciate the exclusive Sonic issue, Daniel Hamrin continues.

The Readly Retro’s issue by Fredrik Strage contain the following articles:

  • The Hives (Sonic #1, by: Håkan Steen, photo: Rikard Laving)
  • Kent (Sonic #6, by: Klas Ekman & Anders Dahlbom, photo: Rikard Laving)
  • Hasil Adkins (Sonic #12, by: Lennart Persson)
  • Stina Nordenstam (Sonic #18, by: Fredrik Strage, photo: Carl Dahlstedt)
  • Sahara Hotnights (Sonic #34, by: Henrik Arvidsson, photo: Rikard Laving)
  • Mavis Staples (Sonic #34 by: Lennart Persson)
  • Håkan Hellström (Sonic #39, by: Henrik Arvidsson, photo: Anna Simonsson)
  • El Perro del Mar (Sonic #39, by: Jenny Damberg, photo: Thomas Wal)
  • Depeche Mode (Sonic #46, by: Johanna Paulsson)
  • Thåströms 50 bästa låtar (Sonic #61, by: Mattias Dahlström)
  • Girlgroup-skivsamlaren Sheila Burgel (Sonic #86, by: Gittan Öhman, photo: Martin Adolfsson)
  • Min skivsamling: Dennis Lyxzén (Sonic #86, by: Anders Dahlbom, photo: Andreas Nilsson)

‘Sonic by Strage’ is available in the Readly app from December 16th onwards.