Brit’s interest in politics and news sees a fifty percent increase



Interest in ‘politics and news’ has increased by over fifty percent compared with the same period last year, reports Readly, the digital magazine and newspaper subscription app. Its subscribers are reading more regularly in the category as well as listening to news podcasts and searching for terms such as the economy, crime and pensions.

With a portfolio of more than 6300 digital magazines and newspapers and 21 million issues read last year, the results reveal the most searched for trends and topics as well as top titles in the politics and news category, which has seen the biggest increase  across all of Readly’s 37 categories.


The top searches across politics and news include ‘the economy’, ‘crime’, ‘pensions’, ‘investment’ and ‘energy bills’, showing a specific interest amongst readers in topical areas of politics and a drive to read more widely around the subject to make an informed opinion.


The top 10 UK magazines read in 'News & Politics' by UK subscribers in 2022 are:

        1. MoneyWeek

        2. The Week UK

        3. Saturday Guardian

        4. Time Magazine Europe

        5. Observer Magazine

        6. The Critic

        7. Time Out London

        8. The Guardian Weekly

        9. Newsweek

        10. Observer - New Review

– With an unstable political situation and two thirds of people still concerned about fake news, reading more broadly and in-depth around politics and news is a trend we are seeing more of on our platform in recent times. The topics we search for in magazines reveal the passions and interests taking hold across the nation and it’s clear to see that Brits are seeking trusted content in political news issues to keep up to date and allow them to make informed decisions during turbulent times, says Chris Couchman, Head of Content at Readly.

Consuming verified news is ‘very important’ to 40 percent of people in the UK and ‘important’ to 27 percent. Ten percent of UK respondents reported that they pay for verified news, but a further 21 percent can imagine doing so if fake news continues.

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Data: Readly in app readership data October 2021- October 2022 and

In App search data April 2022 - October 2022


Research:: The survey was carried out during the period from 24-29 Nov 2021 via the Internet, on the basis of the YouGov Panel, based on a sample of 2001 UK adults.



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