Pet Perfectionists: Pet owners reveal their top searches


Digital magazine and newspaper app Readly reveals the most popular topics pet owners search and read about in a new study as it reports a nation of pet lovers spend hours reading about their pet.

British pet owners are most likely to read and search topics including ‘can my pet get COVID-19?’, ‘is my pet overweight?’ and ‘can it eat cheese?’ Other common quandaries include ‘should I leave the radio on for them?’ ‘is my pet depressed?’ and ‘why do they break wind so much?’.

Commissioned by digital subscription service Readly, the research of 1,000 pet owners found they’ll typically search for pet-related answers three times a month.


They’ll spend around an hour a month reading about their furry, scaled, or winged friend. And one in 10 will spend three hours or more a month reading about their pets.

The most popular subject they search for or read about is their pet’s general health, scoured for by 59 per cent of owners. Another 44 per cent will check for information on diet or nutrition, while 39 per cent will search an unusual behaviour. Just under one in 10 tend to seek out answers around their pet’s sleeping habits more often than anything else.

Jo Hemmings, Behavioural Psychologist, said: No matter what pet you’ve got – from a terrier to a tarantula – you want the best for it. We are seeing a huge amount of mental energy being put into our pet’s welfare over the last two years with more people living and working at home alongside their pet.


Pets are at the heart of family life so it’s only natural that people are wanting to read more in depth around their pets and be informed as to how to be the best owner possible. It’s like reading around a new baby!

Four in five (80 per cent) worry about their beloved companion when they’re forced to be away from them. And six in 10 even admit they worry more about the pet than their own wellbeing. Whilst, 56 per cent believe that owning a pet gets easier and less worrying, the longer you own them for, according to the OnePoll research for Readly.

Jo Hemmings added:As a Behavioural Scientist as well as ‘mum’ to a much loved cat Louis, I am endlessly fascinated by his health, his well-being and his behaviour. It’s a continual learning curve!

Nine in 10 say their pet fully counts as a member and a ‘big part’ of the family – but 31 per cent still worry theirs is lonely.

Four in 10 stress about whether they’re using the right type of food, and 44 per cent can’t bear the thought of their pet trying to tell them something – that they can’t understand.

Chris Crouchman, Head of Content at Readly, said: “Interest in our pet category has surged over recent years. There are no silly questions when it comes to your pet and mostly other pet owners would have searched and read around the same issue at some point.

Pet owners can not only deep dive into the latest pet issues on our platform but read from the back issues too to ensure they are as informed as possible when it comes to their much-loved pet”.

Readly is an all you can read digital subscription app with over 6,300 titles providing inspiration and information for pet owners - including cats, dogs, horses, birds, guinea pigs, snakes and more.


1.     Why is my pet being sick?

2.     What should I feed my pet?

3.     Is my pet overweight?

4.     Is my pet happy?

5.     How many treats should I give my pet a day?

6.     Is my pet bored?

7.     Is my pet getting enough exercise?

8.     How often should I feed my pet?

9.     How do I know if my pet is in pain?

10.   Why does my pet have diarrhoea?

11.   How long can I leave my pet home alone for?

12.   Is my pet happy having the same food every day?

13.   What does my pet do when I’m not around?

14.   Do I need to brush my pet’s teeth?

15.   Can my pet get COVID?

16.   Can my pet eat cheese?

17.   Is my pet depressed?

18.   Should I leave the radio on for my pet when I’m out?

19.   Does my pet like me?

20.   Why is my pet always hungry?

21.   Why is my pet shaking?

22.   Why is my pet biting me?

23.   Can I get COVID from my pet?

24.   Is it normal for my pet to poo a lot?

25.   Is my pet dying?

26.   What happens if I give my pet chocolate?

27.   How do I know if my pet has COVID?

28.   Why does my pet break wind so much?

29.   Does my pet think I am its mother or father?

30.   Is my pet jealous of my relationship with my partner?

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About the research: One Poll, March 2022, sample - 1000 UK adults

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