Brits are reading digitally for sustainability choices on World Earth Day (22nd April)

New figures from digital magazine and newspaper app Readly show that two thirds of people (69 percent) believe it is important that their reading habits are climate friendly and over half of people (56 percent) are reading magazines digitally because they believe it is ‘a sustainable choice' and 'good for the environment’.

The latest research for Readly, which has over 7000 digital magazines and newspapers on its platform, revealed the attitudes of consumers when it comes to reading and the environmental impact.

– The majority of our subscribers believe it is important that their reading habits are as environmentally friendly as possible and one in five people use the app for environmental reasons. Calculations we have made together with environmental researchers confirm that digital reading is a climate friendly way of consuming magazines and newspapers and allows consumers to read a huge breadth of content in the most sustainable way possible , says Ranj Begley, UK MD and Chief Content Officer.

The research also highlighted that the concern around fake news is still evident and increasing in some countries. In 2021, 66 percent of subscribers across Europe and the US said that they were concerned about the spread of fake news. At the beginning of 2023 the figure had risen to 79 percent.

It appears that whilst consumers are becoming more considered when it comes to reading and the environment, they are also becoming wise to fake news with techniques to overcome it as 78 percent of adults in the UK said it is important that their consumption of content is as diverse as possible to overcome cognitive bias and be more knowledgeable, receptive and empathetic to other perspectives.


Tips to becoming a climate friendly, ethically empowered reader include:

  1. Choose to read content from responsible publishers, sources or on an app that has a strong ethical reading policy, with a diversity of verified news reporting.
  2. Read a breath of titles to form your opinion, be inspired and gain knowledge on how to live a sustainable lifestyle: read national, international and regional news, lifestyle and specialist. Podcasts are a great complement to reading too.
  3. Think about what you share on social media and fact check before sharing, to ensure it is from a verified trusted source.
  4. Read around global issues that affect people and the environment such as climate change, war, inflation and global health. 15 % of people said they have learnt about global issues on the Readly app. Form an opinion based on facts and make positive behaviour choices.


  1. Consider paying for trusted, verified journalism via a subscription to a reading app or titles that you trust.

Readly is providing subscribers with responsible content and countering the spread of fake news. It achieved 70 percent of its sustainability goals in 2022. The app’s latest Sustainability Report examines its sustainability performance, the ways to adopt more climate friendly reading and reveals attitudes towards content habits and the positive impact of reading digital magazines and newspapers.


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Research: Readly user survey, 26 Jan - 1 Feb, 2023. 6,000 respondents across SE, DE, UK, NL, US, IT and AU


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The Allbright Report 2022: For the second year in a row, Readly is on the Green List in The Allbright Report 2022 that monitors gender diversity in the management teams of listed companies in Sweden.