Coronation garden party prep: Final tips for getting your garden fit for a King


Two thirds of Brits (67%) will be gardening or tending to plants this season and a third (34 percent) will focus efforts on getting their garden in shape for hosting garden parties kicking off this weekend according to the YouGov research for Readly digital magazine and newspaper app.


Whilst over half (53 percent) will be ‘maintaining’ their gardens, 44 percent will plant and grow fruit and vegetables and 38 percent will be planting 'low cost' plants and flowers,

Huw Richards, gardener and author reveals his Coronation party gardening tips:

  1. Plant a small bed, border, or large container with fragrant herbs such as fennel, lemon verbena and mint. You can use it to garnish your celebration drinks, and then enjoy in greater quantities for years to come.
  2. Plant patriotic petunias: Add a splash of colour and elegance to your garden by planting petunias, pansies or wild flower combinations in red, white and blue. Perfect for pots, planters and baskets - plant them, water them and enjoy the patriotic colours for seasons to come.
  3. Sow wild flowers - the King's favourite: prepare an area, even just a square meter,  to sow a wildflower seed mix to mark the day. King Charles has been greatly inspired by the meadows in Romania. In the UK we have lost 97% of them since the 1930’s. Alternatively,  join in no mow may and encourage long grasses and flowers to grow to benefit insects and pollinators for no extra cost.
  4. Build a bee hotel King Charles loves nature so remember the occasion by building a bee hotel for solitary bees using different diameters of 5-6 inch length bamboo canes placed within a frame, or drill different size holes into a log (3-6 inches deep) and place them in a sheltered but sunny position. Great to get the kids involved too!
  5. Be inspired by King Charles' passion for gardens: If you are new to growing or taking it to the next level then King Charles’ passion for nature and gardening is a great reason to give it a go. The Readly app is a good place to start with lots of gardening magazines to harvest your knowledge and inspiration for the beginner through to advanced techniques.
  6. Grow fruit and veg fit for a King! Be inspired by King Charles' love of gardens and nature and start to grow your own fruit and veg. Choose what you love to eat first.

Almost 1 in 3 (32 percent) of Brits reported getting their gardening inspiration from their parents, 43 percent relied on trial and error and almost 1 in 5 (19 percent) are self-taught green fingers from reading gardening magazines and blogs.

There’s nothing quite like growing your own food, plants, herbs or anything that brings you joy. Your garden is a canvas which you can colour with your passions and the secret for having a garden you love is to let your curiosity and inspiration guide you. If you are new to growing or taking it to the next level then now is the perfect time to get your hands dirty, says Huw Richards, gardener, author and a leading voice in permaculture and kitchen gardens

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Research by YouGov for Readly, sample 2000 UK respondents, fieldwork dates: 22-26 March 2023

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