Digital reading booms in science, art & culture and kids categories

Science is the topic gaining the most popularity during the first half of this year with a 144 percent increase in the number of people reading in the category year on year. Art and culture, kids comics and news and politics also ranked highly, according to the data from Readly, the digital magazine and newspaper app.


With a new era in space exploration, climate change, quantum computing and artificial intelligence, science is a topic gaining momentum and the attention of British readers. The most popular science articles so far this year include ‘3 rules behind every diet that works’ by BBC Science Focus, ‘ADHD: The Explosion in diagnosis and why it matters’ by New Scientist and ‘Supernovae might be a clue to hunt for alien signals’, also New Scientist.


Other categories gaining interest include art and culture which experienced a 38 percent increase year on year as people seek cultural hobbies and artistic entertainment. Kids digital magazines and comics also saw a 31 percent increase as growing numbers of children are reading digitally and news and politics grew 24 percent, likely due to a renewed interest in national and political issues resulting from economic uncertainty.


Interest in teen and young adult magazines also experienced an increase as well as ever popular categories such as lifestyle (11 percent) and celebrity and entertainment (8 percent) which saw continued growth.


– The topics most read about reflect the interests and passions taking hold of the nation. Whilst during the covid pandemic, we saw a resurgence of interest in old fashioned hobbies such as crochet and knitting plus food, the home and pets, readers are now turning their attention to future global issues and reading about cultural, scientific, and political developments as well as news and kids comics. We are seeing more people turning to the huge breadth of magazines and categories across Readly as they seek to protect the environment, enjoy life and create a positive, safe place for future generations, says Chris Couchman, Head of Content at Readly


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Data taken from in app data, dates: Q2 2023 in comparison with Q2 2022

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