Readly launches its King Charles III collection to celebrate the Coronation



Readly, the digital magazine and newspaper app, has launched a collection of magazines to celebrate the Coronation of King Charles III on Monday 6 May. The collection includes ‘Coronation special’ digital magazine issues from its portfolio of 1200 publishing partners and will be available to subscribers as part of the unlimited digital reading subscription.

From HELLO! magazines ‘Special Collectors’ Edition, From Prince to Monarch’ with his complete biography, family photo albums and exclusive reports plus a guide to the Coronation line up to ‘Crowning of the King’ by Chelsea Publishing, a glossy 116-page souvenir which chronicles the traditions and rituals woven into a thousand years of coronation, the app has all the celebratory issues, guides and latest reports.


Reading around the royal family and celebrating key milestones and events in royal history is a passion of the nation. During 2022, Readly’s most read issues across its Celebrity & Entertainment category feature the Royal Family.


The King Charles III Coronation issues include:


  1. HELLO! Special Collectors' Edition, From Prince to Monarch, King Charles III
  2. Crowning of The King
  3. BBC History - May 2023
  4. Readers Digest - King Charles III Coronation Special
  5. Royal Family Series - King Charles lll Coronation Special
  6. Good Housekeeping - May 2023
  7. The Lady - The Coronation Edition
  8. The Royals - King Charles III Coronation Special
  9. HELLO! Issue 1783 - Coronation Countdown
  10. OK! Royal Specials - King Charles lll
  11. The Field - May 2023
  12. Bella Specials - Coronation Day Special

– What a momentous occasion for the nation and one that will go down in history as it is celebrated by the magazines and newspapers on Readly. Our celebrity and entertainment category is the most read category in the UK and issues with the royal family are extremely popular with subscribers. It is the perfect occasion to launch the King Charles III Coronation special issues and bring our subscribers images, features and write ups that will create long lasting memories. We are delighted to bring these issues to many and celebrate this memorable occasion, says Ranj Begley, UK MD and Chief Content Officer at Readly.

The King's Coronation collection is now available to Readly’s subscribers alongside more than 7,000 digital magazines and newspapers as part of the all you can read subscription. A Readly subscription is £9.99 a month, visit


For more details contact: or 07879 818 711


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