Stay at home activities thriving as air fryer, Thermomix and ebike top Readly's most searched gadgets



Cooking, photography and gaming are the most searched for topics on digital magazine and newspaper app Readly as homebodies look to deepen their expertise in niche hobbies.


The digital reading app examined the most searched for words across its 7,000 titles and revealed global trends in gadgets and appliances where cooking items such as the Thermomix, air fryer and slow cookers featured heavily.


Hobbyists are hunting for insider tips and hacks that will help them get the most out of their appliances. This is particularly true when it comes to advanced digital devices such as the Apple watch, iPhone, Nikon, Canon and GoPro cameras, which were all subject to a spike in searches.


The search data shows that people are looking into ebikes as a sustainable and healthy way to get around as well as catching up on the latest developments in PS5 gaming to complement nights in at home.


Chris Couchman, Head of Content at Readly says,  “Readers are eager to continue enjoying the hobbies and habits they discovered during the pandemic. They’ve found a myriad of creative ways to maximise their enjoyment at home and are looking to achieve mastery of their chosen activities. Fuss-free cooking via multi-tasking appliances means more time-poor cooks can confidently recreate their most-loved recipes while freeing up more time to engage in other hobbies like perfecting their portrait photography skills.”


Readly’s top 10 gadgets and appliances search terms were:


  1. Thermomix
  2. Airfryer
  3. ebike
  4. Apple watch
  5. Slow cooker
  6. iPhone 14
  7. Nikon
  8. Canon
  9. Ps5
  10. Go Pro


The searches suggest post-pandemic interests are being maintained as hobbyists return to their previous lifestyles. The most frequently searched terms reveal a focus on fun and convenient hobbies that elevate standards of living by promoting health, wellbeing and self-development.


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Search data: Readly in app data, Jan - March 2023


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